Important New Tenant Rights

The federal government has recently passed legislation protecting tenants living in foreclosed homes. The new law states that:
  • Banks must give tenants 90 days written notice after the home is foreclosed before they can evict.
  • If the tenant has a lease, the bank must honor it. They can only try to evict the tenant after the lease ends, or sooner if the bank has a buyer who plans on moving into the apartment.
  • Section 8 tenants cannot be evicted because of a foreclosure unless the new owner plans on moving into the apartment.

Spread the Word

RICH is partnering with the Rhode Island Bank Tenant and Homeowner Association to conduct outreach to inform tenants and homeowners of their new rights. Please help to spread the word to service providers and constituents.

Please post a flyer with an overview of the new tenant and homeowner rights around foreclosure: English, Espanol

For more information contact Rhode Island Legal Services at 401-274-2652.

Landlord Tenant Handbook

The Landlord Tenant Handbook is a reference guide for both landlords and tenants outlining each parties' legal rights according to RI state law.

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