HMIS Information & Forms   

HUD Data Collection Forms: HUD recommends real time data entry into HMIS.  These forms can support real time data entry, or can be used when real time data entry is not possible.
  • Universal Intake Cover Page  (Nov. 2016)
    • This cover sheet can be tailored to each organization with organization specific questions.
  • Universal Intake HUD Entry Form  (Nov. 2016)
    • Using this form as a script when doing real time data entry is strongly encouraged.  It includes guidelines on Chronic Homeless definitions and question strategies that promote collection of accurate client histories.
  • HUD Annual Assessment Form  (Nov. 2016)
    • This form can be used when conducting on location annual assessments, or as a script for phone or in person interviews.
  • HUD Exit Form (Nov. 2016)
    • This form can be used in place of real time HMIS exit interview data entry, or as a script when conducting interviews.

Privacy and Information Sharing Documents

Assessment Tools
  • VI-SPDAT v2- Single, Scored  (Nov. 2016)
    • Every homeless individual should have a VI-SPDAT v2 completed. You can watch this training video that explains the VI-SPDAT v2 survey tool This scored version gives you the opportunity to manually score the client's responses and get the final VI score.
  • VI-SPDAT v2- Single, Unscored  (Nov. 2016)
    • This unscored version of the VI-SPDAT does not ask you to manually score the client's responses since it will be entered into HMIS which will score it electronically.
  • VI F - SPDAT v2- Family, Scored (Nov. 2016)
    • Every homeless family should have a VIF-SPDAT  v2 completed.  You can watch this training video that explains the Family VIF-SPDAT v2 survey tool.

Required HMIS Administrative Forms 

  • User Agreement (Nov. 2016)
    • Each HMIS user should have a fully signed copy of this agreement on file at the HMIS office.
  • Checklist for HMIS Agencies (Nov. 2016)
    • The HMIS office needs one Checklist on file for each computer used to access HMIS. The checklist is normally completed at the time of the "cert" installation. Please review this checklist before your "cert" appointment.

  • Laptop and Mobile Devices Agreement (Nov. 2016)
    • A Laptop Agreement must be on file for each laptop and mobile device used to access HMIS.

Guides and Resources

  • RI HMIS Policy & Procedures Manual (the HMIS policy manual is currently under revision)
  • HMIS Data Standards Manual Vers. 5.1 (Nov. 2016)
    • This manual provides explanations for all HMIS data elements.  Please reference it to support training and clarify areas of uncertainty.
  • Eligibility Module FAQ (Aug. 2016)
  • Disability Help Doc - (Nov. 2016)
  • Password Guidelines (Nov. 2016)
    • Please refer to these guidelines for creating safe passwords for HMIS and all your accounts.
  • Work Station Security Guidelines (Nov. 2016)
    • Recommended best practices for keeping client data safe.
  • Mock Intake Scenario (Nov. 2016)
    • This scenario is a training tool for use with the ServicePoint training site. New HMIS case managers are encouraged to work through this scenario as it reflects real life data collection complexities encountered when working with clients.

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