Looking to organize and help out RICH with Zero: 2016? RICH has been working to create simple, easy-to-use toolkits for members of the public to share among one another and provide tips and pointers on how to effectively assist the Zero: 2016 Rhode Island campaign. Each toolkit deals with a specific section of advocacy, be it advocating to legislators, engaging faith communities, or getting students involved.

Currently we have the following toolkits (all files are PDFs):

  • Talking with Public Officials

General Files

Talking with Public Officials

Perhaps the most intimidating part of any public advocacy campaign is talking with public officials - but it's actually not as hard as you might think. This toolkit is aimed at making sure you make the most out of your interaction with any public official, conveying the message about Zero: 2016 clearly and succinctly.

Full Toolkit

Individual Pages

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