Zero: 2016 is a continuation of the 100,000 Homes campaign by Community Solutions, which housed over 100,000 homeless individuals in less than four years. Following that success, Community Solutions has launched Zero: 2016 with the goal of housing chronic and veteran homelessness by 2016.

Though Rhode Island did not participate in 100,000 Homes, it is now one of five states to have joined Zero: 2016. For Rhode Island, this means moving the goals of the existing Opening Doors Rhode Island: The State Strategic Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness forward by a year.

On November 10th, 11th, and 12th, the Coalition and over 450 volunteers had a successful Registry Week, where over 830 VI-SPDATs were collected, assessing the vulnerability and needs of hundreds of homeless Rhode Islanders - some had never before come in contact with the homeless system. Now hundreds will be able to access the homeless system like never before, thanks to the unprecedented work of Registry Week.

Zero: 2016 Rhode Island also seeks to add in a stronger data component than previously before. While data has been collected from individuals who experience homelessness for quite some time, the VI-SPDAT is being used to fully assess the needs of individuals in a manner that wasn't quite being done before.

All of this adds up: better information, better contact, and a better homeless system. RICH's work now is to ensure that key policymakers also support the goals of Zero: 2016 Rhode Island.

>>See the Results of Zero: 2016 Rhode Island Registry Week<<

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Zero: 2016 RI Materials

Below are a list of materials relating to using the VI-SPDAT.

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